Jimmy John’s closing down in Jones Valley


The Jones Valley Jimmy John’s will be closing its doors June 22nd after losing business from the Cecil Ashburn project. 

Jimmy Johns owner Matt Kritzer told WZDX that his location has lost more than 17,000 cars from passing the storefront. That business decrease has affected his sales so much so, that he is moving elsewhere.

“The restaurant industry is pretty tough. We make choices and sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t fare as well as we hope,” he said.

The location that sits on Carl T. Jones Drive will no longer be in business after June 22nd. Kritzer said he is working on opening another location in South Huntsville. 

“We can’t say where we are looking specifically just yet, but it will be somewhere along South Memorial Parkway.”

Earlier this year other business owners expressed their concerns with the road project and how it would affect their sales. Scott Harriman from Anaheim Chili said their biggest takeback from the project is seeing less people after work. 

“The big thing we’ve lost is the people that used to stop on the way home. Either to come in and eat or to pick up to-go food, you know the people that come between 5 and 6 on their way home from work” said Harriman. 

Kritzer said he is working on getting his Jones Valley customers to a new location. Right now, that location is off Airport Road. 

“We’ve got some people that come here five days a week, Monday through Friday, to eat which is really cool as a brand. But we have a location at 975 Airport Road that’s only four to five minutes from here in Westbury Square Plaza.”


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