Increasing SROs within Huntsville City Schools


The tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida is still fresh on a lot of minds including city leaders here in Huntsville. 

That’s why one city council member is reaching out to law enforcement, looking at the needs for school resource officers. 

It’s all part of efforts to keep students safe in the classroom.

Arming teachers, metal detectors and bulletproof backpacks are all measures considered in wake of the horrific Parkland School Shooting. 

Immediately after, the conversation focused on prevention and protection. 

Huntsville City Councilman Bill Kling said, “One thing I’d mention would be the possibility of additional manpower if the police chief and superintendent felt like that’s needed.”

Kling went to the Chief of Police for Huntsville asking about School Resource Officers.

Taxpayers, parents of students questioned security.

Kling said, “The bottom line is we want to be proactive and support the school system. If they feel like additional resources are needed, I think we can certainly roll up our sleeves, look at the budget and see what we can do.”

Huntsville City Schools funds its own SROs.

They have been in place since the 90s.

Councilman Kling says if it comes down to it and the demand for more officers in schools is there, financial assistance is certainly an option the city would consider. 

“Anyway we can help we’re glad to, but they’re the boss and we just want to support and help and of course we want our schools to be safe for our kids.” 

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