Huntsville trucks to treat roads at midnight


City departments in Huntsville are gearing up for the expected snow.

Their plan is to send out trucks to treat roads at midnight. After that the public works department, city police, and EMA will be working together to treat any leftover slick spots right away.

The public works department has over 140 tons of rock and salt and around 20 different types of trucks to get it where it needs to go. It’s the first time this season it’ll be used.

“Once we go through an event like this we immediately restock to be ready for the next one,” said Public Works Director Chris McNeese.

McNeese says the trucks will head out to treat roads like around the hospital and Monte Sano, Mt. Charron and the Winchester area in the north, and Green Mountain Road and Mathis Mountain in the south. He says they’re focusing on high-trafficked and elevated areas and they’ll go down residential roads if there’s enough material.

McNeese says the city uses a fine rock mixture instead of salt because salt breaks down concrete.

“We’ll be assisting them and responding to areas of concern,” McNeese said about HPD and EMA.

Huntsville Police’s Lt. Michael Johnson says the areas of concern may be barricaded. They’ve already set up the materials for barricades along the parkway by elevated overpasses to be ready.

“What we usually find is as the temperatures drop there’s that one hour where roads deteriorate really quickly,” Johnson said. “And it’s usually that one or two drivers that go over an overpass where the barricade is not up yet and they find themselves in a situation, they’ve hit a slick spot.”

He says if you hit a slick spot to let HPD know where it is. He also says to not go out if you can help it. If you are on the roads as they’re deteriorating, avoid overpasses, drive slowly, and just be very careful.

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