Huntsville Special Populations Program celebrates one year


Huntsville leaders have been working to make sure everyone in our community can take part in the activities our city has to offer.

Today, the city celebrated one year of Huntsville Parks and Recreation’s Special Populations Program. For the second year in a row, the program’s participants go to spend a day playing free games at Topgolf.

The program is aimed at giving more opportunities for people with adaptive recreation needs.

Special Populations Supervisor, Tia Clayton, said, “When we play basketball, if you can’t shoot on a ten foot goal, we take it down to an eight foot goal. We still play by the same rules, but we just accommodate it to the needs of the people that are playing.”

This program allows people to gain physical skills that they might not otherwise get. Along with several recreational activities, the program recently began offering swim lessons.

“Our program is designed for everybody in Huntsville to have a recreational option of their liking. If they like to swim, we want to offer swimming. If they like to play basketball or soccer or whatever recreational thing they like to do, we want to be able to offer that to them,” said Clayton.

Special Populations Participant, Barbara Green, said, “I take swim lessons over at Richard Showers every Thursday, and my instructor, Jerry, is good. And last week, I swam on my back to the end of the pool.”

People in the program do more than get fit. They also get to compete in different sports.

“Someone like Barbara who’s good enough to compete, we want to be able to allow her to travel and compete and do what she loves recreationally. She’s an adult who, you know, doesn’t want to just sit at home,” said Clayton.

Any person in Huntsville with special needs can join in on the Special Populations activities. Click here to learn more.

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