Huntsville man spreading kind words with posters


You may have seen a man on the corner of University and Jordan Lane yesterday. Well, he is doing something pretty special.

Caleb Snell held up posters with positive sayings for drivers to see as they passed by yesterday. He first took part in holding up the signs a year ago when he was having a hard time. He decided to tell other people what he needed to hear.

He took to the streets again yesterday to bring positivity to Huntsville, and he certainly did.

A friend joined Snell to hold up the posters. The two received a note from a woman explaining that she was contemplating suicide and she was thankful for his kind words.

“She handed us this handwritten note just telling us how much the signs meant to her as far as her life went, and she’s not the only one. I’ve had random people just walk up to me while I’m doing it,” said Snell.

He says he hopes to start a movement in Huntsville he calls #YouAreLoved.

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