Huntsville first responders say drivers forget to pull over to the right for emergency vehicles

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New year, big reminder. Huntsville first responders want to make sure drivers know about an important rule.

They are seeing more and more drivers not pull over when emergency vehicles are responding to a call.

We all know when sirens go off, and lights are flashing, there’s an emergency vehicle nearby, but Huntsville Fire & Rescue says not everyone knows what to do.  

“It’s very simple, pull to the right. They pull to the left, they just stop, some will even just stop. So, it really makes it hard for us. When a person doesn’t pull to the right, we’re trying to guess what they are going to do,” explained District Chief Jay Gates, with Huntsville Fire & Rescue. 

The fire department says they’ve seen an increase in drivers not pulling over to the right. This can impact the time it takes first responders to get to an emergency. It can also be the difference between life and death.

“If we’re responding to a house fire, seconds matter. That person’s holding their breath, how long can you hold your breath?” Gates said. 

They say if drivers simply remember to pull over to the right, it will ensure the safety of others on the road and also make their jobs a lot easier.

“If you’re on a two-lane road and you pull to the right, and you’re approaching another vehicle and they pull to the right, so we can go down the center, make sure you stagger up a little bit, because that truck’s big and wide and needs the clearance where it can get through,” he added.

First responders also want to remind drivers of the “Move Over Law.” Drivers should move over in the farthest lane possible, when there’s an emergency vehicle stopped on the road.

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