Huntsville companies help federal workers survive the government shutdown


More than 5,500 federal workers across Alabama were furloughed, or are working unpaid during the government shutdown. 

The government shutdown affects about 2,200 workers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, here in Huntsville. Redstone Federal Credit Union is helping its members survive the shutdown by offering low-interest loans. 

“You can either get $5000 or up to a net monthly pay at a 2% interest rate. The first loan payment you have about 60 days for that payment that you have to make and the terms of the loan is for 12 months,” explained Fred Trusty, Executive Vice President of Redstone Federal Credit Union.

Members may also request the skip-a-pay option on certain Redstone loans, like a car loan for example, to free up cash for other expenses. 

“If you have a select loan with us you have the option to skip a months payment on that loan,” said Trusty.

The credit union has already seen a number of federal employees asking for financial help. 

“This past Friday was the first official pay day that a lot of people missed. We did see some people come in and take advantage of that. I think as the weeks go on, we’ll see more and more of that number pick up there,” Trusty added. 

Though furloughed workers will likely get back pay, Huntsville Utilities understands that won’t help with the bills due right now.

“Any customers that think this is going to be a problem, with the shutdown and them not being able to pay their utilities bill, they just need to pick up the phone and call us. And we will begin working with them right away, so that they don’t experience any interruption in service due to the shutdown,” said Joe Gehrdes with Huntsville Utilities.

Many apartments are also offering a grace period for rent. All they ask is for residents to show proof they are federal employees. 

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