Huntsville Airport gets nursing station


The Huntsville International Airport just made traveling for nursing moms a little bit easier.

The airport now has a Mamava Nursing Station, so if a mother needs to breastfeed her child at the airport, she’ll have a private place to do it.

They say the new nursing pod is big enough to fit luggage and a stroller inside. There’s also benches, a fold-down table, and a mirror.

Jana Kuner with the Huntsville International Airport said, “There’s plenty of space inside, so they have room for a toddler if they have another child. There’s room for that child to play. They can also nurse. There’s room for them to charge their phones and also to plug in their breast pump and do breast pumping.”

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It’s easy for moms to use. To get access to the pod, moms just have to download the “Mamava” app and find the pod closet to them.

The airport installed the nursing station last week and say several moms have already taken advantage of it. Before it was put in, women had to figure out a different way to nurse their babies when they were on the go.

“The concerns that we heard from mothers is that a bathroom is a bathroom. We wouldn’t go eat a sandwich in a bathroom, so why would you expect a baby to nurse in a bathroom,” said Kuner. “This provides them a space that’s clean, quiet, that’s private and comfortable to be able to let their children have dinner.”

As part of their master plan, the airport plans to build on more spaces for nursing moms to go.

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