Hundreds celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 launch at homecoming dinner


Homecoming Dinner Golden Anniversary of Apollo 11

Apollo and Skylab astronauts, along with hundreds from the community, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch at a dinner at the Davidson Center Tuesday.

The Homecoming Dinner Golden Anniversary of Apollo 11 was a salute to the engineers, scientists, and crews in Huntsville whose work helped send man to the moon 50 years ago.

Apollo astronauts General Tom Stafford and Col. Al Worden, along with Skylab astronauts Col. Jack Lousma and Dr. Ed Gibson came to the Rocket Center for the celebration, sharing and reflecting on the launch and how far we’ve come in space exploration. With the United States planning to get back to the moon in 2024, these astronauts are excited about what is to come for the future of american space exploration.

This golden anniversary is also taking people who attended the event back in time.

“When Apollo 11 actually took off, I was 5 years old,” said Tom Meyer. “I still remember little snippets in my memory about it, but what I remember the most is just how excited my dad was. He went out and bought these commemorative moon rocks and all the photos of the first man on the moon when Neil Armstrong stepped down there, and I still have those memories today as an adult.”

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