How to talk to children about cyber safety

CyberSafe Parent

It’s not uncommon for young children to get on computers, tablets, and smart phones, but if you aren’t careful, criminals can get to kids through technology.

Children are intelligent and know exactly how to work smart devices, but they may not be clever enough to tell if something is a cyber threat. Kids can run into similar security problems many adults see, like, drive-by downloads, malware, and viruses.

There are some different ways that may get kids into some trouble.

Children often have favorite shows, celebrities, and games. If they come across a fan site, it’s possible they’ll be tempted to click on malicious links. Similar sites may offer free music or movies that can also lead to viruses and malware.

Kids may not listen to their parents, so get an older sibling or family member to talk with them about how to stay safe online.

Kids don’t want to be tricked either. Talk with them about how people can take advantage of others online. Tell them that it’s very easy for people to steal money and everything is not what it appears to be. Encourage them to think twice before connecting with someone.

Don’t just explain the dangers of getting online once. Talk with kids often about why cyber safety is important.

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