How to stay safe while hiking this summer


First responders in Huntsville say they rescue hikers all year round and have already had to make their fair share this summer. That’s why it’s important to plan your hiking trips properly.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue District Chief, Levi Harris, said, “It gets dark on them. They get out there, and they weren’t aware that it was going to, they thought they had more sunlight, they weren’t aware it was going to get dark as fast as it did.”

You shouldn’t rely on your cell phone for directions. Search and rescuers say to always pack a map. First responders say another common mistake people make is not bringing enough water.

“With high heat and high humidity, you can be overcome very quickly, so at the first signs of fatigue and heat stress, you need to take a break, hydrate,” said Harris.

Search and rescuers also recommend wearing the right gear and hiking with someone else. They say that if you do go out alone, let someone know where you plan to hike.

You can also use apps like AllTrails to help plan out and guide you on your trips.

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