How to prepare for a severe weather event


Tornadoes are all too familiar for people in Alabama, and although the spring is when we’re used to seeing most of them, they can pop up when it gets cooler.

Emergency Management Officer, Chris Reed, says it’s important to have a plan and know where to go.

“Have a discussion about hey, if we have bad weather and dad was at work and mom was at work and the child was at school, how are we going to deal with that, how are we going to get back together afterwards,” said Reed.

As part of your plan, you should know where to go for shelter. New storm shelters have recently opened in Madison County. One opened in Meridianville and can hold nearly 200 people, and another opened in Ardmore that can house about 90 people.

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If it’s too late to drive to a shelter, get to the safest spot in your home.

“The most interior room on the lowest floor is going to be your safest bet. Usually that’s a bathroom or maybe a closet or an area underneath a stairwell. Those are generally stronger and offer a little bit more protection,” said Reed.

In the case of a tornado, it’s a good idea to have a working alert radio with extra batteries. You also need to know what the alerts mean.

WZDX Chief Meteorologist JordanDressman said, “It’s important to know the differences between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch simply means that conditions are favorable for the development of severe weather. A tornado warning means that a tornado is radar indicated and that you should seek shelter immediately.”

You should also have an emergency kit with flashlights, a weather radio, and snacks ready to go at home and in your car.

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