“How many children is it going to take?” Students call for action on gun laws


Just like across the nation, people in Huntsville are hoping the cries for change on gun legislation may finally reach lawmakers’ ears now that they’re coming from students.

Young people are standing up and saying they’ve got the thoughts and prayers handled; lawmakers need to act.

“Why can’t we do something about this? I mean how many children is it going to take in the end?” said Huntsville High School senior Ella Rauer at the vigil held at Big Spring Park Sunday.

Rauer is demanding action from lawmakers.

“Enforce the law, seal the loopholes, introduce and vote for new legislation,” she said. “I think if anything it’s your moral responsibility to push for gun restrictions or just enforcing current laws like I said. Because we have laws in place that could restrict lunatics like Cruz from getting guns, but we just don’t. There’s loopholes.”

This is the rallying cry from a 17-year old that’s met with voices ready to admit that America has a problem.

“We’re not trying to threaten gun owners, but we’re trying to keep our children safe,” said political science professor Preston Foster.

“Our generation needs your generation to help protect us,” Rauer told the crowd.

“When you put them on the bus in the morning,” continued Foster. “If you are afraid about your child coming back safe you’ve got to do something about that.”

The Madison County advocates are calling on more people to stand up.

“We need to get people involved,” Foster said. “We need to put pressure on our legislators to do something about it.”

“There are many organizations right here in Huntsville and in Madison County that you can get involved and make your voices heard,” added Linda Meigs with Indivisible.

The next generation, they say, is depending on it.

“I go into class and I think, ‘Parkland was just another school but it happened to be that school. What makes Huntsville High any different?'”

They demand law changes now that the question has become ‘where next?’

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