Here’s why 88 percent of Americans say the holidays stresses them out


The holidays are supposed to be a joyful season, but for many people it can be stressful.

The holidays stress out 88 percent of Americans, according to a new OnePoll study.

“The lines were really long, really, really long, but the deals are really good,” said Cindy Gilmore.  

With crowded malls and last minute gift shopping the holidays can be a hectic time. “It’s just really, really busy and a lot of people. I think everybody is just real frantic, just trying to get their last minute Christmas shopping done, so everybody’s just trying to get in there and get things done and get home as fast as they can,” Gilmore added. 

Shopping for the perfect gift and deciding how much money to spend on presents are big holiday stressors.

“Sunglasses, shoes, jacket, all kinds of different things for my son,” said shopper James Allen.

Shoppers said they have to pack their patience when dealing with traffic and looking for parking. “There’s so many cars and you almost got hit didn’t you? Yes. She almost got hit in my car,” explained Gilmore’s daughter Jordan.  

Holiday parties and figuring out where to spend the holidays can also add to the stress of the season. If you find yourself stressing out, try working out. 

High-intensity exercise is linked to mood-enhancing benefits such as the body releasing a chemical called endorphins, which trigger positive feelings. You can also try yoga or meditation to relax. And getting fresh air is also good for your health.

For some people being able to spending quality time with loved ones is all the stress reliever they need. 

“It’s kind of fun with my wife, I’m out here with my wife, we’re out here by ourselves doing our thing,” Allen said.  

The study also found that the average couple will have roughly seven arguments this season.

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