Healthcare and technology merge with new health app


Health questions? There’s an app for that.

Healthcare and technology are merging to make your phone your personal health assistant. A new app called K Health debuted for the first time in the country in Huntsville.

Here’s how it works: You type in your symptoms and the app uses data to compare you to billions of other people. You can then learn what their conditions were, how they were treated, and if you should go to the doctor ASAP.

“It looks at millions of people like you and compares very specifically your gender and age and your medical history and symptoms,” said K Health CEO Allon Bloch. “And shows you what other people did in your situation, what was the ultimate diagnosis, how did they verify it, how did they treat it.”

He said it puts more information about your health in your hands without a scary self-diagnosis from online.

See how to download the app here.

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