HAMACON Wraps up Weekend in Huntsville


Each year, more people attend Comicon than the last.

But, this weekend, thousands made their way to Huntsville’s very own anime and gaming convention. 

Welcome to Hamacon… 

Gamers and fans gathered at the Von Braun Center this weekend…and they dressed the part! Video games, musical performances, collectibles… all under the same roof. 

We spoke to some visitors who told us what makes this convention so special. Two best friends, John Clifton and Nick Baker, are attending their first HAMACON together.

Nick Baker, an attendee, came all the way from South Carolina to attend HAMACON with his close friend. He says, “So it’s just a bit closer, like closed. It feels more like a family here. The other ones we went to…there’s 400,000 people there. Massive. You don’t get that same sense. Because you see people that same day and you know them. You can get to know them. This is a lot of fun.”

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