Green Bus Brewing releasing Resilience IPA to help California Camp Fire relief Fund


California’s most destructive fire in at least a century resulted in 86 deaths and 13,972 structures destroyed.

Craft beer lovers here in Huntsville are doing their part to help rebuild the affected communities. More than 1,400 brewers in the U.S. are making a special brew called Resilience IPA to help victims of the Camp Fire.

Green Bus Brewing released their Resilience IPA today. Straight to Ale, and Innerspace Brewing Company are also part of the effort.

“It’s very easy for us to do. It makes a much bigger impact than the impact that it has on us,” said Jason Sledd, owner of Green Bus Brewing.

The idea came from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, based in Chico, California. They offered the Resilience IPA recipe to breweries across the U.S. to make, sell, and then donate 100% of the profit to the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund.

“Even when you’re following the same recipe, each beer comes out a little bit different, so it’ll be a neat opportunity for people to go to the different breweries and try the exact same recipe and pick up on slight differences that occur throughout the different brewing processes,” said Sledd.

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