Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Tax Return This Year


If the partial government shutdown continues into tax filing season, early filers will not get their expected refunds right away.

But Tax preparers say don’t panic just yet.

Elon Miree with Alpha & Omega tax center says this isn’t her first government shutdown during tax season.

Miree has been preparing taxes for 30 years.

She says the shutdown does and doesn’t affect them, because the IRS is not going to release  the refunds until the 21st of January.

Miree says people can get an advance refund, which comes from banks, and not the IRS.

But some of those advances do come with fees, depending on how much you take, they will inquire interest.

The bottom line is that the longer the shutdown lasts, the worse the problems get for tax filers, and especially those counting on early refunds in February or March.

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