Girls training for 5K while learning valuable lessons


Young girls at Columbia Elementary are training for a 5K while being taught some very valuable lessons.

The Girls On The Run program is meant to empower young women. The program is preparing them for the race and teaching them to spread kindness. 

The Vice Principal of Columbia Elementary, Lisa Grice, said, “We’ve had children in the program that are very quiet, will not talk, just kind of stand-offish, and just not wanting to be in a group, but after we started Girls on the Run and they became a part of the group, I would not see them by themselves.”

GOTR participant, Nahlani, said, “I think Girls on the Run is so much fun, because we just learn how each other feel and get to know each other better and how to express our feelings by showing it to other people.”

The girls are taught teamwork, show good character, and how to handle uncomfortable situations.

“It has inspired me because I used to be bullied when I was little, because I was wearing hearing aides,” GOTR participant, Alivia Barber.

Barber said that the program helped her to deal with the bullies, and now, she and the bullies aren’t enemies anymore.

GOTR participant, Lexi Beck, said, “A lot of things have to do with stuff at school and home, and they put it in scenarios that happen at school and home so you know what to do if anything happens like that.”

The lessons help the kids with struggles now and in the future.

“If we start teaching the girls now, while they are young on how to love themselves and love others. When life struggles and challenges come along the way, it’s already engraved deep down inside,” said Grice.

The lessons incorporate exercise, but focus on building confidence. The girls will run the 5K on December 1st.

Contact your elementary school to see if they offer the program and sign up.

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