From Huntsville to Des Moines Cow Chips Unite Us All


Back in Mid-August the WZDX news team came across a somewhat awkward event that took place at the Iowa State Fair. To sum things up, it turns out people volunteer to see who can throw a cow chip the furthest. For those unfamiliar with Midwestern culture, I will remind you that a cow chip is dried cow manure.

We reacted with amusement, myself being the most amused by this whole concept, and our reaction caught the ears of Luke and Amy in the morning. Luke and Amy are the co-hosts of a morning show on KOIA a radio station in Des Moines.

Luke and Amy make a bet with Jordan

After some back and forth with Luke and Amy we made a bet with them involving nothing more than the one sport that can bring us all together, football.

Luke and Amy ended up losing the bet because Alabama football is hard to bet against, and therefore had to follow through.

Luke and Amy have been great to collaborate with over the last month, and I’ve had a blast talking with them.

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