Free 2 Teach gives local teachers free school supplies


Summer has just begun, but for teachers, back to school preparation is well underway.

We got a sneak peak inside a store that will open its doors Monday to help Madison County teachers in a major way. 

Free 2 Teach is the only free teacher school-supply store in Alabama, and Monday is the first day of the donation season. They supply art utensils, classroom clean-up necessities, and much more for teachers and students in need. 

Their goal? To provide teachers with all the materials they need to foster the best learning environment, and to help teachers who occasionally need to come out of pocket for classroom items. 

Teachers from Madison County’s three public school systems have signed up for a slot to come in and shop supplies. Over 100 public school teachers are expected to come to receive school and classroom supplies on opening day… at absolutely no cost to them. 

“We are able to provide about 538 dollars per shop. So when teachers come in here, they’re able to get what they need. And they can shop up to five times a year”, says Free 2 Teach Development Director, Alison Kling. 

Free 2 Teach says these supplies would not be available without the donations from local residents and businesses. 

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