Former Lawrence County Animal Shelter Director sentenced

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Former Lawrence County Animal Shelter Director Bobbie Taylor was sentenced on Tuesday on six animal cruelty charges.

Circuit Judge Mark Craig sentenced her to nine months in jail on a suspended sentence and 2 years of probation. That means she doesn’t have to go to jail right away. If she completes her probation without breaking the law, and fulfills certain conditions of the probation, the judge will likely dismiss the sentence. 

Taylor is allowed to have 10 animals.

In Tuesday’s hearing, three people spoke in support of Taylor, as well as Taylor herself, saying she should still be allowed to own animals. The prosecutor said she believes the same situation that brought her to the court room would happen again if Taylor were allowed to have animals because Taylor “refuses to see her role” and expresses no remorse.

Taylor was facing 15 charges in all. She was convicted of the six lesser charges, 2nd Degree Cruelty to Cats-Dogs. Circuit Judge Mark Craig can sentence Taylor to a maximum fine of $6,000 per animal. She also faces up to 12 months in jail on each count.

She will be allowed to file an appeal after the sentence is handed down. Taylor has remained out of jail on bond. 

The case dates back to June 2015. Taylor was arrested. Her shelter was raided by the ASPCA days later. Investigators say they found cats and dogs in deplorable conditions. 

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