Former Football Coach, Tommy Tuberville To Run In 2020 Alabama Senate Race

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Alabama’s 2020 U.S. Senate Race is expected to be very competitive, and WZDX is your local election headquarters.

On Tuesday, WZDX had a sit down with Former Football Coach, Tommy Tuberville on why he thinks he should be the next Senator from Alabama.

Tuberville’s opponents wasted no time with attack adds against him

Tommy Tuberville: “I think a coach in any situation especially in college man or woman would be a great person in congress”

During Tuesday’s interview, Tuberville talked about how well he knows Alabama.

Tommy Tuberville: “We don’t need to panic, but we’re pretty close to panicking here in Alabama healthcare. We have good healthcare in the cities”

Tuberville told WZDX he disagrees with medicaid expansion, and the idea of medicare for all.

He also took issue with education

Tommy Tuberville: “I’m not a fan of common core, we’ve kept our kids from accelerating”

Political Analyst, Steve Flowers says Tubeville is up against some well known Alabamians.

Steve Flowers: ” Alabamians tend to election someone who is from Alabama.

Tuberville joked a little Tuesday, and said sometimes he gets embarrassed by President’s Donald Trump’s tweets.

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