Former Bush Campaign Staffer Talks About Her Experience Working With The Late 41st President


Claire Austin has an entire wall in her office dedicated to her time working for President George H.W. Bush. 

Austin was the former campaign staffer for Bush 41.

She also did all of the presidential and vice presidential debates in 1988.

Today, she shares some fun memories of her time with Bush, including her favorite pictures from 1988 republican national convention, where Bush accepted the nomination for president.  

Austin remembers her time spent with the former president fondly and said he will truly be missed.

Austin say she is where she is today because of her years in DC, and her ability to work for both the Regan administration and the Bush administration.

The Former Campaign Staffer says Bush loved the state of Alabama, and that he had so many friends here in Alabama

Austin says she plans to be in DC for the state funeral of Late President Bush. 

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