Food bank stocked during gov’t shutdown, concerned for SNAP beneficiaries


The local food bank is stocking up on food for furloughed workers and people with SNAP benefits.

The executive director at the Food Bank of North Alabama says so far they haven’t had a lot of furloughed workers coming in for food, but they have had a lot of volunteers. They also haven’t been able start a new program for senior citizens because they can’t get approval from federal agencies.

A big concern now is for people with SNAP benefits.

“They did get their February benefits earlier this week but they’re not gonna get any more benefits, at the earliest, middle to late March and that’s a long time to go,” said Executive Director Shirley Schofield. “So we’re anticipating that there will be some need into February if this does not get resolved.”

You can drop off any donations at the food bank. Schofield says they need diapers right now.

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