Folks react to gov’t temporarily re-opening


When Martha Burnett watched President Trump’s announcement to temporaily re-open the government, she couldn’t help but ask– how could we even get here? 

“What was going through my mind is that it’s wrong — the government shutdown — it shouldn’t have been like this in the first place,” said Burnett.

Burnett says she kept thinking about the government workers who have gone weeks without paychecks.

“I feel sorry for them,” she said. “They should get paid like everyone else. They have families they have to take care of. They have needs just like everybody else.”

“Things need to get fixed. ASAP,” said Derrick Howard, who hopes the temporary re-opening of the government becomes permanent.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Howard. “I think there should have never been a shutdown. People have to eat. People have families to take care of.”

Howard says he’s been watching videos on YouTube about government workers who are struggling financially who haven’t been getting paid.

“The thing is– people know about the shutdown, but they don’t care. They’re still evicting people. They’re still turning people’s lights off,” said Howard.

Jimmy Parks is also thinking about the workers affected by the shutdown.

“A lot of them are also about spent out on their savings,” said Parks. “They’re hurting. And we’re hurting also with them.”

“My heart goes out to the families and especially children who are suffering from this temporary shutdown,” said Renita Parks. “I wish the two parties could come together as one family and do what needs to be done for our children, our country and the rest of the nation.”

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