Florence Animal Services needs your help in shelter move


The animal shelter in Florence needs your help now plans that are months late and years in the making are finally becoming a reality.

This is the last week the Florence Lauderdale Animal Services shelter is open to new animals before they move to a new facility. They were supposed to have moved at the beginning of this year to avoid constantly being at max capacity. Construction delays set them back.

Before their problems can be solved with a big, new facility, workers have some fresh obstacles to hurdle. First up: Clearing the shelter that’s constantly filled with about 100 animals.

“We shut down intake here on the 19th,” said Cheryl Jones, animal services director. “And then we’ll spend the next two weeks getting these guys out and preparing the transition over.

Shelter workers are encouraging more adoptions and volunteers to foster pets.

“Get these guys into an home,” Jones said. “Whether it’s an old shelter or a new shelter it’s still stressful. Dogs that get stressed can have the equivalent of a human nervous break down. Cats that get stressed can get sick. So we’re gonna try really hard to keep everybody moving.”

One employee has fostered her fair share of animals.

“It’s probably close to 100,” said employee Cecily Wall.

The plan is to move into the new facility the first week of May. Right now they take in about 400 animals a month and are expecting to get around 600 at the new shelter.

The new shelter can hold triple the number of animals. This means an even bigger need for volunteers.

“To walk the dogs and to socialize the cats and it’s a good bit bigger over there, be more ground to cover,” Wall said. “So yes, all the volunteers we can have, we’re ready for them.”

The shelter will not take in animals for almost two weeks after this week. They will still help you find a place for your pet.

Learn how to get involved here.

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