Fireworks store season ends with an industry boom


If the weather scared you off from buying fireworks to ring in the new year, you may have missed your chance to celebrate with a bang.

Monday’s the last full day for most local fireworks stores before they shut their doors ’til the spring. This Huntsville winter has been a wet one and on Fireworks World’s last full day of their season being open, business hasn’t been as hot as in years past. 

But let’s do the numbers. The American Pyrotechnics Association reports your favorite store to make things go boom isn’t going anywhere. Since people rang in the new year a decade ago the industry has nearly tripled. Consumer fireworks revenue was close to $900 million in 2017.

Michael Strother has been with Fireworks World for 20 years and has seen folks from coast to coast, young and old, get the urge to set things on fire for a holiday.

“Some still remember their childhood and they’ll come in, ‘Hey do you have such and such?’ No, we haven’t had that in 10 years!” Strother said.

He loves how fireworks bring people together, but knows how to play it safe.

“Make sure you’ve got things sturdy, where it stands up,” Strother advised. “You don’t want things to tip over, shoot at you. It’s wet out right now but I would still always be sure to have a bucket of water to pour on anything.”

Also know where it’s legal to set them off, AKA usually not in city limits. On that note, Huntsville Police warn shooting guns in celebration isn’t just illegal, but can kill.

If you now have the urge to set off some fireworks, you still have time to run to an outlet store in the morning before they close. If you’re looking for safety tips check out these ones from the Fireworks Alliance.

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