Federal lawsuit filed against Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning


A new federal lawsuit has been filed against Sheriff Blake Dorning and a jail security guard.

According to the complaint filed by Chandler Korb, on the night of October 9, 2018, Korb was receiving medical care in the infirmary at the Madison County Detention Center. Victor Flores De Leon, Jr., a guard, moved her to a cell where she was isolated and alone from all other inmates. A short time later, De Leon allegedly returned to Korb’s cell and forced her to perform oral sex on him before he raped her.

The complaint further says that the infirmary is the only place at MCDC where a male guard can segregate a female inmate in an unmonitored cell, by herself, to which he has access. It alleges that this is a situation that is ripe for the abuse of vulnerable female inmates by corrupt male guards.

The lawsuit, filed on December 31st, seeks to recover damages for the rape of Ms. Korb by Deputy De Leon.

However, the suit also seeks to force a change in the operation of the Madison County Detention Center by the Madison County Sheriffs’ Department and Sheriff Blake Dorning and to force a change in the layout of the infirmary itself. This injunction is requested on behalf of all current and future female inmates at the Detention Center and is intended to stop the dangerous practice of allowing male guards to segregate female inmates in the infirmary and subject them to the threat of sexual assault.

SOURCE: Samantha Gardner

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