Family of man killed in fire warns about space heater safety

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As the temperature drops the family of a man who was killed in a fire earlier this month wants you to be careful with space heaters.

61-year old Ray Miller died in his New Hope home after a space heater apparently set the house on fire. His family wants people to know just how deadly space heaters can be if they aren’t used the right way.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue officials say to make sure you have three feet around your space heater at all times, don’t plug it into an extension cord, and don’t put it on carpet.

“We lost everything,” said Miller’s family member. “We lost our life. We lived in that house for 16 years and we lost everything. We lost my father, our family pets, all our belongings, all of our pictures. We lost everything. If you’re gonna use a space heater be there with it.”

The National Fire Protection Association reports heating equipment is the leading cause of house fires.

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