Dr. Oz: Too many carbs and your health


It’s an overdose of carbs with super-sized servings. Dr. Oz breaks down the health hazards of overindulging on some of your favorite foods.

“It should be no surprise to us that at the same time obesity and diabetes rates skyrocket, so does our consumption of carbohydrates. Our country is overdosing on carbs, super-sizing those servings of potato chips, french fries and cheesy pasta.

Overcarbing can cause our blood sugar to spike which overtime leads to insulin resistance and a slew of other health harms. There’s even a recently discovered connection to memory loss and several experts on my show have talked about wheat-related issues that seem to strike people with gluten sensitive digestive systems.

I don’t think you have to give up on carbs completely, but I do want you to be conscious of how much you are eating. It’s not easy. We love to combine carbs with salt. An almost irresistible duo. And one recent study found a texture effect with mashed foods. I’m thinking mashed potatoes.

That’s a particularly difficult one to resist. At the very least, I want you to pair your carbs with a protein or healthy fat which can reduce the blood sugar spike and help you feel full faster. And don’t fall for the seemingly healthy promise of all those processed gluten free foods. Gluten free doesn’t mean carb free.

– Dr. Mehmet Oz

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