Don’t let the Super Bowl make you sick


Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is sending out reminders to ensure your Super Bowl Party guests don’t get sick. It is my conclusion that since they’re sending these reminders of things to not do that means people still haven’t learned the following rules:

 – Clean Play – Wash your hands. I’m not entirely sure why this is only valid during the Super Bowl, but here we are. They also say you should not wash your chicken wings in the sink so you don’t spread bacteria. (To be quite honest I never wash chicken. Is that bad?)

 – Play Defense – Don’t cross contaminate. I mean, really you’re relying on the grocery bagger to not put the chicken in the same bag as your apples, but I thought everyone knew that. Apparently not. The USDA also reminds us to not use the same cutting board for raw meat and other food. I get the feeling that since they’re writing the article there are people who actually do these things, which are actually pretty gross.

 – Intercept Bacteria – Make sure your food is cooked. Nobody wants to eat your raw chicken. Make sure the wings reach the safe temp of 165 degrees. 

 – Cool Play The USDA reminds us to keep hot foods hot and cold food cold. I think this year I’ll warm my ice cream in the microwave and serve cold undercooked chicken wings just to be a rebel. Frankly, I thought everyone liked cold chili. Seriously though, cold pizza is the best. But since I don’t want anyone to get sick, I guess I’ll follow the rules: keep the hot foods hot (where’s that crock pot?) and the cold foods cold. I’m going to need extra ice, and maybe a new fridge.

 – Avoid the Danger Zone – Put food in the refridgerator when you’re done with it. I have no answer for this one. I’m simply baffled that they even have to say this. They also say don’t leave it out for more than two hours. I guess my cold pizza breakfast is going to be really cold.

I’m really not trying to make light of food safety. No one wants to get sick at a party or make other people sick. Click here for the details on feeding your friends and family safely.

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