Dog attack in Jackson County kills one, injures one


A morning dog attack has left one person dead and another injured.

24-year-old Emily Mae Colvin was killed in the attack on Co. Rd. 121 in Jackson County.

Reporter Christina Ailsworth was in Jackson County and spoke to authorities.

Jackson Co. Sheriff Chuck Phillips says at least 5 dogs attacked Colvin. The dogs are believed to be pit bulls mixed with another breed.

Colvin was on the phone with a friend when friend arrived and tried to help Colvin. The dogs then attacked the friend. Physically, she’s expected to be okay.

One of the dogs attempted to attack a Sheriff Deputy during their search for the dogs. Deputies were forced to shoot the dog.

Sheriff Phillips says the owner could face charges and is being questioned. The victim and owner lived next door to each other.

Neighbors say dogs often run loose in the neighborhood.

Investigators say they don’t know why the dogs turned on Colvin.

They are investigating the owner, who lives next door and could face charges.

Marcell Stiefel said, “I killed two dogs the other day.”

Stiefel lives in this same neighborhood and says he was recently attacked by a pack of dogs.

He isn’t sure who they belong to, but says they have been terrorizing his chickens for weeks.”

They tore into my chicken pen and one of them attacked me and I shot it,” said Stiefel.

Steifel told Animal Control dogs often run loose in the area.

Sheriff Chuck Phillips said, “This is something very, very uncommon, although it’s happened twice recently, I know a lot of attention has been brought on to pitbull dogs.”

The Sheriff says they will investigate this attack to find out if the dogs were being trained to be aggressive.

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