Do you know pet CPR?


Animal Emergency & Critical Care in Huntsville is making sure people know how to care for their pets in case of an emergency.

The clinic holds classes to teach people in the Tennessee Valley how to handle emergency situations.

The pet owners are given pet friendly first aid kits and taught how to give dogs CPR. The idea for the pet first aid classes came from one of the clinic’s vets who wanted to help pet owners in the community.

Veterinary Technician, Deanna Bayless, said, “If you don’t know what is normal, you’re not going to know what’s abnormal so we kind of go through a lot of that, and I think it’s just important that you can be able to pick up on those things in case of an emergency and how to deal with that situation once it does happen.”

The classes are given every other month. It’s $20 to sign up. You can sign up by calling the clinic at (256) 533-7600.

The next Pet First Aid class will be in September. Click here to learn more.

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