Decatur awarded $14.2 million grant for Highway 20 overpass


Decatur is receiving a $14.2 million grant  to build an overpass at Highway 20. The bridge will be located at the intersection of Alabama 20 and Bibb Garrett road.

Decatur will receive the BUILD Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. This program focuses on economic development and infrastructure improvements. 

Apple Lane restaurant has been located on Highway 20 in Decatur for more than 20 years. People who work there said getting to work can be frustrating on the busy highway. 

“If I could get from SW Decatur here, to my house without going on the interstate or 20 that would be amazing,” explained Andrew Smith. 

That will soon be possible thanks to a $14.2 million federal grant for the construction of an overpass bridge at the intersection of Highway 20 and Bibb Garrett road.

“It’s very similar to the project that was proposed several years ago with the Bass Pro project coming in, in fact we’re using the same plan, it may be modified just a little bit with land usage,” said Decatur City Council President Paige Bibbee. 

The overpass project includes ramps, a new access road and accommodations for pedestrians. City leaders said it will also bring development to the annexed land in Limestone County.

“This is going to provide access to that land, so if those land owners are willing to sell or want to sell to other companies, infrastructure, whichever, they now of the opportunity to access their property. So, this is a wonderful thing for the property owners out there, as well as the city of Decatur,” Bibbee said. 

The overpass will allow traffic to exit to properties north and south of the dangerous highway. 

“There’s at least a wreck once, every two weeks. Two people I went to school with both died right there, I totaled my car,” Smith continued. 

“This project will address all those safety issues on 20 and make it more accessible to come into the city of Decatur,” added Bibbee. 

Construction of the Highway 20 overpass is expected to begin early next year. 

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