Cullman County man accused of trading drugs to high schoolers for sex

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(WIAT) – A registered sex offender is free on bond after being arrested for allegedly distributing alcohol and drugs to underage students in exchange for sex.

Kenneth Loyd Woods of Fairview was already known to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office, because he was convicted in 1998 of the second-degree rape of a minor.  Investigators said they got information from the school resource deputies that led them to believe that Woods had recently been soliciting high school teens.

Woods was charged with second-degree rape, two counts of Electronic Solicitation of a Child, and two counts of Transmitting Obscene Material to a Child.

“We go after these guys, and we put them in jail,” said Sheriff Matt Gentry, “and if we have any say-so, they stay there.”

Woods was able to bond out after his legal team filed a successful motion to have his bond changed from a cash bond to a property bond.

“Well, I mean everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” said Johnathon Helms, a Cullman County father of a 12-year-old,” but if you catch him red-handed, I do not see why he should be able to get out this soon and possibly be able to do it again.”

Investigators believe Woods used social media and various apps to befriend his alleged  victims.  “Then once they built a relationship, its, you know, hey–I will provide alcohol, marijuana, pills–whatever those kids were looking for…he did not want money,” explained Gentry.  “He was looking for the solicitation of intercourse.”

Deputies could not go into specifics about the number–or ages of the victims.  They also declined to name a school where any of the victims attend classes.  The investigation in ongoing, and because Woods allegedly used social media to seek out victims, investigators are not ruling out the possibility that there are victims in other counties.  “We are still working on those avenues,” said Gentry.  “If there are, we will have more charges to follow.”

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