Creativity, science collide at Boys and Girls Club STEM lab


The newest lab in Huntsville is sparking interest in STEM fields with some gadgets we all probably wish we had in school.

Farley Boys and Girls Club just opened their lab Tuesday and it’s already making a difference.

“You don’t have to follow the directions. You can build whatever you want,” said fifth grader Adrianna Lund.

It’s freedom of creativity in the world of math and science. In the STEM lab the next generation of engineers is letting their imaginations blast off.

“For a rocket scientist, suppose, you could use the Legos to think outside the box and build something new to help the astronauts go into space,” Lund said.

“This is the types of places where kids actually figure out what they want to be when they grow up,” said Angela O’Neil, STEM Director in North Alabama.”

Adrianna Lund doesn’t quite have that figured out yet…

“At one point I wanted to be a cook,” Lund started to list. “Marine biologist, aerial gunner for the Air Force, I also wanted to be a soccer player at one point.” 

She isn’t ruling anything out.

“We see a large increase in how good they think they are at science or technology and that’s real important,” O’Neil said. “Especially for girls and for minorities specifically because they’ve got to see themselves as ‘they can do this’ when they may not have thought about any of this type of stuff before.”

Research shows minority women make up fewer than one in 10 of the employed scientists and engineers in the country. Studies say gender bias pushes women out of STEM.

The kids at Farley Boys and Girls Club are changing those statistics.

“How often do you think you’ll be in this lab?” WZDX News asked Lund.

“Pretty often,” Lund said.

The lab opened at this Boys and Girls Club because there was a demand for it from the kids. You can see they’ll make sure it gets put to use.

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