Chinese Lantern Festival brings art to life at botanical garden


Chinese art and culture are lighting up the Huntsville Botanical Garden Wednesday night.

Giant moving pieces are coming to life for the first time at the Chinese Lantern Festival. It’s the biggest exhibit the botanical garden has ever had. There are 1,000 individual pieces and some of them move and make noise.

It’s called “The Wild” and the team that’s assembling the pieces traveled from China after the Chinese New Year. They’ve apparently been working night and day to get everything ready. 

There are also kung fu shows and shadow puppetry to top off the experience.

“This one just wow’ed all of us so it’s something that everybody’s gonna want to see,” said Carol Casey with the botanical garden. “It’s family-oriented. I love the fact that the tigers roar and make noise and the birds, you can see them turning their heads and their wings, so there’s movement in these exhibits.”

The exhibit runs through May 19th.

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