Cecil Ashburn Dr. closure Day Two: Green lights changed to help traffic flow

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It’s Day Two of the Cecil Ashburn Drive shutdown and city leaders say they’re already making adjustments after traffic jams the day before.

The rush hour traffic peak was earlier than they’d anticipated so on Tuesday they changed the lights to stay green for a longer period of time earlier in the afternoon.

There were some accidents that slowed things down earlier in the day.

“We just want to emphasize, take a little bit of extra time, leave a little extra space between you and the car in front of you,” said Huntsville’s City Planner Dennis Madsen. “You never know when folks are gonna stop in some of this additional traffic. Some folks who may be trying out new routes are a little unfamiliar with the routes so they may stop or make turns that aren’t expected. Leave a little bit of extra space and make sure you don’t get into that accident.”

He says the city will be fine-tuning how they approach the traffic situation every day for several weeks.

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