Car fire spreads to home in North Huntsville


A fire broke out at a home in the 1700 block of Sebring Tuesday morning. 

Around 9am Huntsville Fire & Rescue responded to at least three burning cars. 

The fire spread to the home. 

Fortunately no injuries were reported. 

While out battling the fire, firefighters did make it clear they are also making efforts to stay safe during this time of frigid temperatures. 

Capt. Frank McKenzie said, “You may see an extra unit or two on the scene due to the cold weather because we want to keep our guys warm and exchanged out and make sure they’re safe. At fires we deal with a lot of water and when you get wet you want to make sure that you get warm.”

Four units responded to this morning’s fire.

Investigators did check the house to make sure there were no electrical problems. 

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