Captain Mike Prince, the Valley’s First Responder for May


For more than two decades Captain Mike Prince has been serving the city of Huntsville as a fire fighter.

“You just have to really care about people,” says Prince. “We’re there at their time of need. We just try to make life a little bit better for them.”

Prince is one of the Captains in charge of Huntsville Fire Station 15. The station specializes in hazardous material cleanup and response. 

Captain Frank McKenzie says, “He’s worked his way up the ranks over the 22 the years. He’s an excellent example of a fire fighter, of what it takes to advance in the ranks.”

Captain Prince is now using that experience to help other fire fighters achieve their goals. “I worked with him as a driver and got promoted to captain myself and he helped me greatly,” says Captain Scott Summitt.

“He takes time with those guys and takes them under his wing and says this is how you need to do things,” adds McKenzie.

But like any great leader, Captain Prince is quick to share the praise. “They really make my job easy,” he says.

And for his leadership and dedication to our community, Captain Mike Prince is the Valley’s First Responder. 

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