Busy holiday traffic causing more car crashes


If you have been noticing more wrecks while driving, law enforcement officers say it’s not a coincidence. 

State Troopers say more people are on the road during the holiday season. More traffic also brings with it more people driving distracted. Troopers say the slightest mistake on a busy road can cause a major wreck. They say the most important thing you can do is wear a seat belt. 

“Keep in mind when you walk out the door there’s more traffic, so if I need to make this phone call, let’s wait to make this phone call, or allow somebody to make this phone call for me. Certainly the biggy, don’t drink and drive,” said Curtis Summerville, Alabama State Trooper.

You’ll see an increase in troopers patrolling the roads and enforcing traffic laws during the busy holiday season. 

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