Business as usual at Huntsville International the day before Thanksgiving


Day before Thanksgiving travels are underway!
This year AAA is expecting an uptick in travels with some of the highest growth by air.
Close to 4 million people are flying this holiday.

This Thanksgiving travel season TSA is expecting a record-setting increase in travels, but it is business as usual here at Huntsville International.

“We’re not worried about any layovers. I took the day off so I have time, my Dad has time,” said Tiffany McCoy.

McCoy and her father are headed to Charlotte for the holidays.

Wednesday morning, they made sure their flight information and bags were in order. It is an effort to travel smoothly.

“I have an alert on my phone. I look at the app. I make sure we’re on time. I make sure he’s on time, I’m on time. Yes, I always do that,” said McCoy.

According to TSA, Tuesday, Wednesday and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are the busiest travel days.

Some airlines are even adding flights.
Mark Spencer is headed to Montreal with his family.

Spencer said, “At Huntsville International there’s hardly ever any kind of line in security or anything like that.”

He did have a stop in Atlanta where the crowd is much different from Huntsville.

“There will be a mad dash to see what happens over there,” said Spencer.

Travelers returning home after Thanksgiving, be sure to check ahead to prevent any delays.

Sunday, November 26th is expected to be the busiest travel day this season.

TSA is encouraging all flyers to prepare, prepare, prepare, saying it’s the best way to ensure a quick trip through the security screening process.

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