Buckhorn Middle School Teacher Closer to Becoming Teacher of the Year

Congratulations are in order for Stephenie Smith who is the Alabama Region 8 Secondary Teacher of the year.  

Madison County Schools Superintendent Matt Massey made the announcement to staff this morning.

 “Mrs. Smith teaches science at Buckhorn Middle, and we are excited that she will be representing the Madison County School System as a finalist for the state teacher of the year to be announced next month.  Mrs. Smith is the sixth MCSS teacher to qualify as a state teacher of the year finalist in the last seven years.  What an accomplishment,” stated Superintendent Massey.  

April McCutcheon, Principal at Buckhorn Middle School said, “Mrs. Smith is an integral part of the Buckhorn Middle School family. She is passionate about student advocacy, and she displays a high level of teacher leadership. She is always willing to share her ideas with colleagues and capitalize on opportunities to learn from others. Buckhorn Middle is so proud of Mrs. Smith’s well earned accomplishment.”


Source: Madison County Schools

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