Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant prepares community with emergency plan

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The Tennessee Valley Authority has teamed up with state and county officials to help put together a preparedness plan for people who live within 10 miles of the emergency planning zone. 

The plan is for anyone in North Alabama, but evacuation plans are in place for those who live closer to the plant located in Athens, AL.

Scott Fiedler with TVA said that they are asking people to spread help spread the word, including enlisting the help of local media. He and his team are handing out 2019 calendars for folks interested in educating themselves. 

“You know when the sirens are tested every Monday, the second Monday of every month, there are things like that that you can use. There’s also some information about nuclear power that you might not know and just have it ready in case of an emergency, ” Fiedler said. 

For more information on where to find this plan go to TVA Preparedness Plan

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