Breaking barriers: Downtown Rescue Mission unveils new resource center


The Downtown Rescue Mission is filling a need in the community and on Tuesday we got a first peek at what that looks like.

The new Spur Resource Center will host about 30 companies that connect people with resources they need. Those are in anything from help getting a job to finding mental health services. 

Mission leaders say transportation is a huge barrier for the 300 people who stay there each night. The new center gets rid of that barrier. 

“For the last three to five years I’ve been going to a lot of the meetings in the community and one of the number one things that comes up every time [is] that there’s not enough transportation, not enough bus routes, that kind of thing,” said DRM President Keith Overholt. “So we said, ‘well we’re housing the folks here, why not host it here?'”

City leaders were also at the mission Tuesday for a poverty simulation. It gave them an idea of the struggles many people face every day.

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