Boy surprised with trip to Disney World


A boy from Guntersville got a big surprise today. After battling kidney failure, 13 year old Isaac Nixon is getting his wish, a trip to Disney World .

When asked what he would wish for, all Isaac wanted was a new kidney.

“At 13, he saw his brother running around, his friends running around. Everybody had energy, and nobody had tubes. That was a challenge for him this time around,” said Isaac’s mother, Melika Nixon.

He’s had a kidney transplant in the past which made it even more difficult to find a matching donor this time. After searching for two years, he finally found a match.

With tears in her eyes, Melika Nixon said, “It’s been a big journey. It’s been stressful on our family. He has a twin brother, he has step siblings. This is kind of the end of a terrible journey, and the beginning of a whole new life for him again.”

He and his family leave for the trip December 22nd, and Isaac will wake up at Disney World on Christmas day.

Even before Isaac found a matching donor, he wanted to help other kids. He raised enough money to grant a child a wish through Magic Moments, but he isn’t stopping. He wants to raise enough for a second child to get their wish.

“I want to raise money for other people, so they can go on the trip. They can go anywhere,” said Isaac.

Magic Moments grants wishes for terminally ill children in Alabama. It takes around $4,000 to make a wish come true.

You can donate to Isaac’s fundraiser through December. Help him make another wish come true by donating here.

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