Avoid shopping scams when purchasing holiday gifts


If you still have some holiday shopping to do, look out for scams. Whether you’re purchasing items online or in-store, watch out for misleading advertising.

Elizabeth Garcia, with the Better Business Bureau, said, “Do a little bit of research first. Just don’t jump at the first deal that you see that sounds great, because often, it may be too good to be true.”

Overcharges cost time and money, and many customers don’t even realize when they are being overcharged.

“When we’re in a hurry, we tend to just grab things off the shelf and go, but look at the price and make sure you understand what it is, then if you’re charged anything more than that at the point of sale, then you need to question that,” said Garcia.

Do you get e-mails and texts full  of deals? Scammers are advertising as popular retail stores and want you to click on links.

“Whenever you receive an e-mail like that, be very skeptical. First of all, if you’re asked to click on a link to provide personal information or to confirm a credit card number or some kind of banking or credit card information, that is going to be a scam,” said Garcia.

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