Athens couple no longer have to share insulin after applying for SENIOR Rx program


More than 25 million Americans age 60 and older are economically insecure. These older adults struggle with rising health care costs.

“Every three days we had to pay $24.95 for one vial of insulin,” said Shelia Moss.

Shelia Moss and her husband Danny both have diabetes. At one point they had a $600 bill for insulin.

“Now this was a matter of life and death, we had to have it,” Moss explained. 

Their doctor told them about a cheaper generic brand but that still was too expensive.

“I went and bought a vial of our insulin and Danny and I shared that and when we shared that… one day from the next we didn’t know how we were going to get it or what,” said Moss. 

After a year of sharing insulin, the couple contacted the Limestone County Council on Aging, after seeing a report on WZDX News at Nine about its SENIOR Rx program. The Council works with pharmaceutical companies, to get low income senior citizens medication for free or a discounted price. 

“Our program is unique to the Council on Aging other programs. You have to be 60 for all the other programs. With this one it’s age 55 and up or anyone who is disabled,” said Carla Sims, SENIOR Rx ship coordinator. 

The Council says the money saved on prescriptions allow people a better quality of life.  “It frees up the money for other things, other essential things, food, utilities, rent,” added Sims. 

The Moss’ said many older adults are in their shoes and more programs are needed to help them lessen the burden.

“We’re just so blessed to know people like this and Carla and Council on Aging,” Moss continued. 

The state funded program helped Limestone County senior citizens save nearly half a million dollars in medication savings last year.

If you are 55 and older and want to know if you qualify for the SENIOR Rx program call (256) 216-3896 to apply.

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