Arts education expanding in Huntsville


Arts Huntsville launched the North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative today.

They want to provide fully funded arts education to every student in Alabama. The new program is promoting increased access to arts education by incorporating arts with subjects like math and science.

Alabama Speaker of the House, Mac McCutcheon, attended the meeting to show his support. He wants to use this pilot program as a starting point to further arts education.

“I realize that in Alabama, a one size one type program does not fit all. You can just see the enlightenment in some of the children as you attend some of these programs and you talk to them about what they’re learning and their ability to be creative,” said Speaker Mac McCutcheon.

Arts Huntsville is one of the three organizations to launch this program in Alabama.

Arts Huntsville Executive Director, Allison Dillon-Jauken, said, “It is so critical to develop those creative and innovative thinking skills that business needs today. Especially in our community where we lead in innovation, students need those skill sets.”

The North Alabama Arts Collaborative will provide outreach to Huntsville City, Madison City, Madison County, Athens City, Limestone County, and Decatur City Schools.

To learn more about the North Alabama Arts Collaborative, click here.

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